MOBE, MTTB, Matt Lloyd and my 2 cents

MOBE, MTTB, Matt Lloyd and my 2 cents


:: I wanna talk about MOBE, My Online Business Empire, MTTB, My Top Tier Business, or whatever Matt Lloyd calls this program. In this video, I drop my two pennies, for what it’s worth. Probably a little, being I was in something very similar for a little over a year, and saw what it was like as a top earner.

MOBE may very well have some great products, butt-kicking live events and a legitimate business opportunity that does all the telling and selling for you and pays you multi-thousand dollar commissions, BUT the question is: how likely is it that YOU can actually cash-in? Or, is it more likely that you’ll simply roll up your investment to other top earners and Matt Lloyd himself, and never make a sale of your own?

Probably the latter, unfortunately. Now, I’m not being a hater.

While My Online Business Empire is not my cup of tea, I have no issue with it either. I’m just trying to share the reality about what the average affiliate is up against.

Which is: cutthroat competition, saturated traffic sources, and a movement based mostly on hype that won’t last forever. That’s the cold-hard truth, as they say.

So if you’re in it, what can you do to increase your chances of success? Well, you could build an authority blog on MTTB and cover literally everything anyone could ever wanna know about Matt Lloyd and his product/affiliate program.

That alone is a great almost-no-cost strategy that CAN work for the no-name networker without a big list, deep pockets, or a silky smooth sales presentation.

I’d know because I did. Just pour your heart and soul into a blog that helps those who’re already interested in MOBE. Be real, not hypey or some slick wannabe guru who resorts to high pressure and misleading claims. Zig while everyone else zags.

Be an honest, transparent affiliate who deserves sales and you can make this work. Trouble is, there’s only so many spots on top of Google, so it won’t work for most.

A better idea would be to build a business where there are exponentially more buyers, and exponentially less competition. Maybe get outta the affiliate and MLM game altogether. That’s what I did.

And I’ll share more about the mindset and frameworks I used to do that over at my blog: – swing by, sign up to my free video mentoring, and maybe I can shed some light on a better way to making job-replacing income on the internet.

Cool? Hope to connect soon.

MOBE Review – “My Online Business Empire” (MOBE) MTTB Review and Bonus HERE :)

MOBE Review – “My Online Business Empire” (MOBE) MTTB Review and Bonus HERE 🙂

Hey hey hey, dan brown founder of the Info millionaireís Club here and in this short
video I would like to expose the simple 21 step system that you can use to make your
first $1,000, $3000, or $5000 commissions online even if you have zero experience with
online marketing. Now, Iím not going to waste your time with all of my credibility or telling
you that my business has been featured on ABC or Fox, nothing like that because that
doesnít help you, so hereís where you benefit:
Just by sticking around till the end of this short video, Iím going to give you a bonus
free of charge which has reveals the secrets to making six-figure monthly income on the
internet and living the internet lifestyle. And all of that will be yours free if you
stick around till the end for more details on that.
Now, if youíre starting out building an online business, chances are you have heard so many
different things, conflicting advice, and maybe you made some money already maybe you
didnít but you havenít been able to build yourself a real online business that is leveraged
and brings in enough profit every single month for you to live comfortably without a day
job. See, the mistake I see most people make when they start out building a web business
is they donít act like they are building a real business.
Let me give you an example, most people in business online today donít actually make
any money, something like 99% of people fail. So why do you think that is? Well after discussing
this with many of my successful colleagues and clients I found out that itís largely
because they just arenít building a real business. Like imagine youíve just invested
$100,000 to start your online business, would that change your mindset for how you approach
things? See, the more invested you are the more you feel compelled to succeed because
you are financially invested. So my advice to you is act like youíve invested $100,000
and see how you start making decisions toward your online business. Also, itís hard to
make a a full time income selling $10 ebooks right? You need tons and tons of customers.
Most beginners tend to really limit themselves and their profit potential when they start
out because either they canít create a higher ticket program like their own $10,000 offer
or they feel they couldnít sell it even if they did create it, which is completely understandable.
However, when you look at the numbers you start to realize that is where the money is
in the high ticket sales.
Well this is where the licensing model comes in. See, instead of going through the time
and effort of creating your own suite of information products, you license them from an established
source. This can save you tens of thousands in development costs which isnít to be overstated.
And itís not just the dev costs but licensees also get access to help on marketing and training
as well which means you can avoid a lot of headaches down the road when you hit some
of the many speed bumps in your Internet Journey, and trust me there are many.
Quick example: letís say you wanted to start a sandwich shop right but you have no experience
making sandwiches. Do you think your chances of making it a successful venture will be
greater by going at it alone, or by buying a Subway license? The answer is obvious, yet
when it comes to Internet Marketing most people go at it alone and they lose a ton of money
and ultimately give up and fail.
So if youíre thinking the licensing model is the same as the franchise model then youíre
right, a franchise like Subway grants a license to its franchise owners which allows them
to use the Subway system. So Instead of trying to figure out everything himself, the new
franchise owner follows the proven system for operating a subway.
When you have very little experience with Internet marketing, it makes sense to follow
a proven system, and thatís what the licensing model can give you. See, spending money to
get customers that youíll never see again is a sure fire way for you to go flat broke.
Yet that is exactly what the vast majority of new online marketers do. Thatís why I
love the licensing model especially for people just starting out. And a perfect example of
this model is My Online Business Empire or MOBE.
You have probably heard about it before but MOBE is on course to do $50 million in 2014
and most of that money will go to their licensees.
The reason MOBE is so successful in my opinion is because they are the only company Iíve
seen that offers a Done for you phone sales team. They literally do all the work. And
you get the 21 step system for making your first $1000, $3000, or $5000 commissions online,
even if you have zero experience with online marketing meaning this system is designed
specifically for the newbie Internet Marketer.
You could use MOBE as a stand-alone business or as an addition to your current Internet
business. For me, MOBE has been a great addition to my information product mix. See I was lacking
high-end products. Most of my products were under 100 bucks, but the really big money
is made with an ascension model that offers customers ever more expensive products, and
MOBE has products costing up to $15,000.
So I took immediate advantage of the high commission MOBE system and their done-for-you
sales team. Letís take a look at some of the proof from other MOBE members who were
brand spanking new web business when they stumbled on MOBE:
In fact, you are 100% guaranteed to make $1,000 in your first 30 days, Matt Lloyd guarantees
that youíll make at least $1000 within 30 days, or heíll pay you $500 cash. You canít
lose there. But, itís by application only
In order to qualify for the over-the-top guarantee, your application needs to be accepted and
you need to actually go through and complete the 21 steps (all the steps are simple, easy-to-follow,
and can be done in your spare time) and you have to work with your personal coach. Thatís
right, you get a personal coach for free as well.
There is a $49 application fee which is refunded in full if your application is rejected. If
youíre accepted, you will receive the following at no additional charge:
-the internetís only done for you direct sales system that will deposit $1000, $3000,
and $5000 commissions into your bank account without you ever having to pick up the phone
-Personal 1 on 1 coaching with one of the Top Tier Coaches (all the coaches are six
figure earners and bona-fide online marketing experts)
-Daily training lessons, videos, and webinars -21 simple steps to making your first $1000
online even if you have no computer skills whatsoever
-Insider access to the most effective sales funnels and best-selling products
-A professional sales staff that will make phone sales for you
-Done for you product fulfillment, payment processing and customer service so you donít
have to handle any of the grunt work yourself -Access to the traffic generation team that
will get qualified leads for you. -And much much more
Now, This offer is being limited to the first 250 applications that are accepted. Applications
are limited because our coaches can only work with a limited number of people at any one
time. So The sooner you get your application in, the higher the chances that youíll be
So If youíre ready to start making money with the licensing model, then I invite you
to apply today.
And Just for sticking around to the end of this video I promised you a gift so
I have also created a special over-the-top bonus just for people who watch this video.
If you apply for My Top Tier Business using the link below you will receive my over-the-top
$2000 bonus at no cost to you containing: -Lifetime access to the MTTB Elite membership
site (a $997 value) -The complete WP Blog Videos Library (a $297
value) -Free WordPress installation and setup (a
$150 value) -Free ticket to the Home Business Summit (a
$97 value) -Bonus software with resale license (a $497
Thatís over $2000 in bonuses and itís all yours free when you click the link below and
apply for my top tier business.
Hereís the kicker: if you decide that MTTB is not for you, then your application fee
will be promptly refunded. However, you can keep all these bonuses as my gift to you,
just for trying MTTB. Thatís right. Even if you refund the My Top Tier Business application
fee, you get to keep the entire bonus package! That is how confident I am in the system.
Why am I offering all this for free? Youíre probably wondering why Iím giving
away so much value for free. After all, the MTTB application cost is only $49 and even
if you refund it, you get to keep over $2,000 of bonus products.
Yes, Iím very aware that some people will apply for MTTB, get my bonus, and then get
a refund. I hope youíre not that kind of person but thatís a risk I take because life
has been great to me and I want it to be great to you as well. So go ahead take advantage
of my $2,000 bonus and even if you refund your application fee keep everything on me,
you simply cannot lose with that.
And The second reason Iím offering this all for free is because I truly believe in the
system Matt Lloyd has created. Itís making more money for me than I ever dreamed possible,
and I know it can do the same for you if you follow the 21 simple steps. I truly believe
that once you see the full MTTB system and its potential, refunding it will be the furthest
thing from your mind, Instead, youíll be sending me emails thanking me for introducing
you to this business. I know because I get those kinds of emails daily. ?
Now, Iíve already made a ton of money in this business, and now I want to help you
make a ton of money, and I have a financial incentive to do so. We have the most successful
team in MTTB because we give the most. So I welcome you to join the team. Just click
the link below to apply for my top tier business and get started. And good luck and happy online
profits! Thatís it from me! I hope you enjoyed this video and now have a much greater understanding
on what it takes to have a really profitable web business.
From here on out, it is up to you to do the work to make the dream a reality. If you decide
to join my Top Tier Business by clicking the link below, then congratulations! I am looking
forward to working with you real soon. If you decide MTTB is not for you, then no problem.
Just remember to never let go of the dream and keep working everyday towards your goal.
Thanks again for watching and Iíll see you soon.

Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0 2015 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 1

Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0 2015 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 1

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Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0 2015 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 1:

Vick Strizheus: High Traffic Academy 2.0 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 2 Traffic

Vick Strizheus: High Traffic Academy 2.0 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 2 Traffic


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Vick Strizheus: High Traffic Academy 2.0 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 2 Traffic: – Read eBooks using the FREE Kindle Reading App on Most Devices


Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0 2015 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 3

Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0 2015 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 3

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Vick Strizheus – High Traffic Academy 2.0 2015 – Total Domination Engineering Training Video 3

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‘Advanced ‘MEGA’ Traffic’ (never seen before) Video2

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