High-Ticket Commissions with My Top Tier Business. Review Video 2015

High-Ticket Commissions with My Top Tier Business. Review Video 2015

Welcome to the review revival. This is J.T. Smith with Reviewval. And today we're gonna
talk about My Top Tier Business or MTTB for short. And we're gonna do an intense review
on it and really try and get an unbiased look at the pros and cons behind My Top Tier business,
behind the MOBE affiliate program. And all the things they have to offer. There are a
lot of cons, there are a lot of people out there who say that MTTB might be a scam, the
people who aren't earning money from it say it's a scam. People who are earning money
from it are very happy earning big bucks. So we'll talk about the pros, we'll talk about
the cons, and hopefully we'll get a good broad look at what MTTB is. So do not buy into the
MTTB program, My Top Tier Business, until you've watched this review. Because you are
going to get some good information on the cons, what to avoid. I do recommend signing
up for the free portion of MTTB but I will let you in on what to avoid, what to expect,
and when you might purchase or when you might not purchase. Without further ado, let's dive
into the pros of MTTB. Pro #1 there's a sales funnel. This is a very basic pro that you
might think, okay why is that a pro? The thing is, you get a lot of systems that either offer
traffic, promise a product, but don't promise both. What this promises is that if you put
a person into their sales funnel, they will try their best and they are very good at getting
higher and higher sales from that one person. Everybody knows, in the affiliate world; the
people who are making good money with affiliate marketing, they know the money is in the list.
The money is in bringing in a person, putting them on the top of your sales funnel and funneling
them down until you weed out the people who are just there for the free content. And get
to the people who are going to spend big bucks on your product, get to the people who are
willing to just pile thousands of dollars into your product. Give you thousand dollar
commissions, and really just bolster your online business. So that's how people make
millions of dollars online. That's the secret. They pile thousands of people into the top
of their funnel with free products. Then they slowly and surely weed them down to the people
who are going to pay for more expensive products until they are finally getting them to buy
thousand dollar coaching sessions or seminars, stuff like that. And people will actually
purchase those things and it might sound ridiculous to the average person, but there are those
people out there who will go and just spend those big bucks to get the product that they
want, to fulfill the need that they need to fulfill. So that's what a sales funnel is.
And MTTB is a system that allows you to promote their sales funnel. Now here's the problem,
and we will get in-depth to this in the cons section but to get access to the full sales
funnel, the back-end of the sales funnel where they're promoting the thousand dollar products
and over, you actually have to buy into the program yourself. So we'll talk about that
in the cons more, but just remember that the sales funnel, you get access to the top end
just by being a free affiliate. But the bottom end, you don't get access to until you buy
into the program. But they do have a very effective sales funnel from what I've seen.
From the reviews I've looked at and from reviewing their site myself. They do provide some training,
they have, first of all depending on what coach you get. Whoever refers you will be
your coach and they will either provide you with training or not provide you with training
that coach will. But MOBE actually has really good affiliate training. They have so many
Youtube videos out there from them, from people who work with them who are their top promoters.
And they basically have a lot of people who are there, willing to help you out, willing
to train you and all that jazz. People who are willing to give you some training. Now
if you buy MTTB's products, My Top Tier Business, they will actually give you some pretty good
information on affiliate marketing as a whole. They'll let you in on the secret of what I
just told you, how to build a sales funnel, how to build traffic, how to promote traffic
and really build your online brand as a person and build all that stuff. So they do have
some really good information that they provide. Now there community, and I touched on this
a moment ago with their coaching system that they have that people will earn more money
if they coach people. So people are highly incentivized to coach the people they refer
to My Top Tier Business. So that's one big thing. But they also have a lot of the top
affiliates online actually promoting their products and providing training for the products,
so they actually provide a pretty good community base around their system. And in fact, for
their top members if you manage to spend a lot of money with them or you get a lot of
sales from them, they'll send you to a convention, they'll actually help you out and give you
a trip to I think Las Vegas or something where they have a convention and they have training
and all that. And you get to meet a lot of people. A lot of other like-minded individuals
who do affiliate marketing online and everything like that. So that's one benefit to the program.
The next pro. They actually do have legit payouts they aren't a scam in that matter.
They do actually pay out whatever you earn unless somebody refunds their product then
of course they're not going to pay that. But if you make a sale they are pretty much going
to give you a commission for it. So it is legit payouts, there are tons of people who
put their payment proofs online. Who actually have earned money from My Top Tier Business.
Now there are examples of people who make over $85,000 a month from My Top Tier Business.
Now these are people who already have a significant following. They already have their own sales
funnel and what they do is somebody enters their sales funnel. One of their emails is
gonna be, hey hop on with this program here, My Top Tier Business, and make some money.
So that's one of their emails. They get thousands of people to sign up and then they get a ton
of income from the sales funnel of My Top Tier Business. That's not typical, $85,000
a month is not typical. But it is pretty cool. It kind of shows the potential of the program.
If you send enough traffic, enough targetted traffic towards them and do enough work towards
bolstering the sales funnel. Those, I guess that is possible to get. Now John Chow is
the name of their top affiliate. If you look as his videos he'll talk about how much he's
made. But that being said, his results aren't typical and my problem with promoting My Top
Tier Business, we'll discuss this in the cons is that there are a bit of, there is a bit
of unethical behavior with just sending people there and telling them they're gonna make
thousands of dollars. When that's not necessarily true. So we can, apparently, accurately say
that the average person will make $500 to $2000 by promoting their affiliate funnel,
their sales funnel. But that's largely bolstered by the people who are making millions of dollars
promoting their sales funnel and then that just kind of trickles down and bolsters the
average amount. So there are a lot of people making $0 total when they buy into the program.
And of course the link I'm going to give you is a free link. So you go there, you sign
up for their first email and they're gonna send you some good information for free. But
then later they're gonna try to up-sell you. And if you send people there telling them
they're going to make thousands of dollars, they buy into the upsold products and then
they make zero dollars, that's kind of unethical. So we'll discuss the cons here. The first
one, the upselling like I said. This is what people love. This goes straight into the sales
funnel. If you're promoting them, you love this upselling process. But if you're the
one being upsold to, you don't necessarily love it. Because they are all about finding
ways to encourage you to pay a lot of money to them. And what that means is that they
will continue to offer pricier and pricier products to you when you sign up for their
system. Now a lot of the products are pretty useful, pretty powerful products but I will
talk about in the next con why there are some products that are really expensive and really
enticing but they might be potentially scams. So this con is what I call The Scheme. This
is the bread and butter of MTTB, that their affiliates, in order to make good money have
to pay them good money. Their lowest tier that you pay into is $1,997. That is a lot
of money. For those people who haven't made money doing affiliate marketing. You don't
really have $1997 just to throw at them from your budget because you don't have an affiliate
marketing budget if you're just starting out usually. So for the people who do pay that,
unless they actually make a ton of referrals, make a bunch of traffic into that sales funnel.
It's not worth it. So that's the scheme. That they're telling people. You pay into the system
and then you get to promote the system. But what are you promoting? The system that you
paid into. Not some other product that you can buy. So there are a lot of MLMs that are
not considered scams. So MLM stands for Multi-Level Marketing systems. Now this isn't necessarily
a Multi-Level Marketing system, there's only two levels its not a pyramid structure. And
the difference between a Pyramid Scheme and a legit MLM is that a legit MLM has a product
that people keep coming back to. They keep coming back to buy your product. So maybe
its Mary Kay makeup or Jamboree Nails. Apparently girly products get a lot of sales from this
because they are generally more willing to go to their friends if they need a product
whereas guys really aren't. So that's… Mary Kay and Jamboree are examples of recent products
that you've probably seen. But that the way they sell 'em is that they have people buy
into their system and then promote the product. And the reason this is legal, even though
they might be on the bottom of the pyramid not earning from the commissions of the lower
level people is that there is a product that people can keep coming back to and buying.
So the people on the low level of the pyramid can still make money even if everybody else
is signed up for the pyramid. This program, if everybody else is signed up for the program,
who are your going to get to buy the program? Nobody. There's no opportunity for return
visitors. So that's The Scheme. You buy into the program to promote it to people who probably
already have the program. That being said there are always new people entering the affiliate
marketing game online. New people wanting to make money with internet marketing and
those are the people you can promote to. Those are the people you can try to get access to.
If you have… word of mouth is gonna be extremely powerful. So if you do sign up for MTTB, My
Top Tier Business remember that. They will tell you a lot of things about getting online
traffic. Stuff like that. But one big piece, that you can potentially earn thousands of
dollars with if you sign up for My Top Tier Business is if you have a friend who says,
I kind of want to get into internet marketing. I kind of want to start making websites start
doing all this stuff to start earning an income online. I have these interests and I want
to start earning money with them. Tell them about My Top Tier Business. Tell them its
a good program. I mean be sure to be ethical about it. Do what I did. Give them a full
range. Tell them about the pros. Tell them about the really bad cons and get them involved.
But warn them about the upselling. Warn them about the potential scheme nature of it that
you have to actually buy into the affiliate program to get the back-end sales, to get
the big commissions that you deserve. You kind of have to buy into the program. The
way I'm gonna do it personally is if I start to get a ton of front end commissions, enough
to pay for a license enough to get the back-end commissions. I'm gonna reinvest the money
back into the back end commissions and hopefully over time really see if there is any benefit
to the back end. By that time of course I would have enough traffic that there would
be benefit to the back end. So I'm not gonna buy the back end tiers, affiliate tiers unless
I actually feel if I'm getting enough from the front end that I can actually reinvest
that into the back end. So for me its not going to be a scam for me its not going to
be a pyramid scheme for me its not going to be what you consider to be a fraudulent or
unethical company for me. Because I'm not going to pay into it unless I get something
out of it. So for some people it might be a scheme it might be a scam. So don't be gullible,
don't buy into it if you don't think you can make money from it. Don't just buy into it
because you have hope that you're going to be able to earn from it. That being said,
I do recommend that you hop over to to see My Top Tier Business for yourself and
just go over there and get into your email get the free information, they give you some
really valuable information. Just get that information and see if you think you can make
money from My Top Tier Business. So do that yourself. Thank you for watching. Be sure
to leave a comment. If you have more cons, more pros to My Top Tier Business that you
know about that I really didn't touch on. Comment and I'll try to write a comment or
maybe write in the description expanding on that point. So do that, leave a thumbs up
if you enjoy the video as always and thank you for watching.

How To Get Your Own Mercedes Benz for Free with MOBE (MTTB)

How To Get Your Own Mercedes Benz for Free with MOBE (MTTB)

Join MOBE:

Visit my Blog:
My favorite feature of the new car program is I don’t have to pay it. How is that possible? Well, thanks to Matt Lloyd and the new MOBE (MTTB) Merc Program, I can drive around in a Mercedes that cost over $120,000, for free! Watch the video above to find out how you can get your own MOBE Merc.

My online business empire can help you get this free mercedez. MOBE, or (My top tier business) is an online business that can help you pocket commissions of $1000, $3000, and $5000 with out you picking up the phone.

MOBE – MTTB Quick Start Webinar 1230 13

MOBE – MTTB Quick Start Webinar 1230 13

MTTB Quick Start Video navigating the MOBE Back Offices…

For more information email me at rarmstrong@mylifechanger.net

Russell Armstrong is an Internet Marketing Coach, Social Media Marketer that specializes on Facebook Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing Specialist. CEO and Founder of Armstrong Enterprises International, Inc. An Internet Based Company on the premise of helping people change their lives.

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My Top Tier Business Review – Matt Lloyd and Dirty Details on the “MOBE License”

My Top Tier Business Review – Matt Lloyd and Dirty Details on the “MOBE License”

Today, we're taking a look at My Top Tier Business by Matt Lloyd which is one of the
most dishonest and yet compelling sales pages that I have ever seen in my Internet marketing
career. We'll discuss why in today's review from NoMoreBSReviews.com.
In this video, I'm going to summarize a few of the major points but if you'd like to read
the highly detailed, unedited review at any point during this video, you can click the
logo in the bottom right hand corner and you'll be taken to the full review complete with
screen shots that you can skim through at your own pace.
I'm sure if you're watching this review, you've seen the really compelling sales page that
Matt Lloyd put together for My Top Tier Business and that is pay me $49 to gain access to the
product and follow the 21 steps. If you've followed the 21 steps and you don't make money
or you're not satisfied, I'll give $500 out of my own pocket which sounds really compelling
but at the same time kind of makes you raise an eyebrow and wonder what's this guy up to.
You find out as soon as you get into the product that pretty much you just flat out been lied
to because what happens is you get into the product, pay $49, and you start going through
the steps. You go through the first few steps and then you're blocked. You can't go any
further, you can't complete all 21 steps until you pay $1,997.
Suddenly, it's not so compelling or attractive. You mean I have to spend $1,997 plus the initial
$49 to get you to give me $500 if I don't make money or I'm dissatisfied? That's pretty
hefty in my opinion.
To make matters even worse, the second problem that I have with the product is you're pitched
the $1, 997 MOBE license they call it but you don't really know what you're getting
for that. It's not really made clear. It's just made clear that in order to continue
through the 21 steps and get more information, you need to pay almost $2,000. What you're
actually getting with that $1,997 MOBE license is you're getting the rights to resell the
product to other people. You are paying $2,000 to be someone else's affiliate which typically
speaking across the Internet comes with no charge at all because when you're someone
else's affiliate, you're selling their product to make them money. With My Top Tier Business,
that's not the case.
You're paying almost $2,000 to be their affiliate which, granted, opens up the opportunity for
you to make some pretty large commissions yourself but I've never seen any product in
this industry that I felt was worth paying any amount for to become their affiliate.
If they want me to sell for them, then they need to pay me, I'm not going to pay them.
Let alone, the fact that they're charging such an outrageous fee as $2,000. That's just
out of this world.
The final thing that I want to discuss about My Top Tier Business is kind of their sales
model overall which I think personally is a little shady and it crosses an ethical line
that I don't cross with any of my businesses. That is, when you pay for that $1,997 license
to become their affiliate, Matt Lloyd actually has a sales team that operates under the My
Top Tier Business umbrella that does the selling for you which, granted, take a step back,
I will say is kind of cool.
But it would only be really cool if they we're selling a product that I was comfortable with
other people buying. I will never sell a product in any of my businesses that is at the expense
of another person especially if they are not getting any value or much value at all. They're
just really getting the ability to resell that product to other people. If I'm going
to be referring my friends and my family member and my blog followers into a product, I need
to know that whatever they were paying for a product, they are getting equal return on
their investment in value.
When you're talking about something like $2,000 that they would be paying just to get the
ability to resell the product to other people and be an affiliate, I don't really see enough
value there. I would make a ton of money if I sell the products to my followers and Matt
Lloyd's team gets on the phone and they start calling them and they start selling the product
on my behalf, I'm going to make a ton of money Jon Chow has. Jon Chow's a really famous blogger
and he pushes Empower Network now and he's a member of My Top Tier Business, this made
a ton of money from these guys because their sales team does all the work for them. It's
the definition of passive income. However, I will never collect passive income if it
comes at the expense and at the cost of other people that will be buying the product and
more than likely, the vast majority of them, statistically speaking, would never, ever
make remotely the $2,000 back what they spend on the product.
That's the final reason why I absolutely cannot recommend My Top Tier Business by Matt Lloyd.
That does it for today's review. I hope you found that helpful. Again, if you're looking
for more details or more reasoning or you're looking for screen shots or anything like
that, again, there is more information available on the website and you can go ahead and skim
through that at your own pace. I hope that you found that helpful once again. I'm just
trying to keep everyone safe on the Internet. This is a really kind of scary, dangerous
industry to be considering buying a product in and I'm happy to help any way that I can.
Until my next review, stay safe out there and if I can help you with anything at all,
don't hesitate to reach out. Bye bye.

MTTB My Top Tier Business Sub Affiliate Commissions MOBE

MTTB My Top Tier Business Sub Affiliate Commissions MOBE

Hello Friend, and welcome to the launch of my new MTTB, and MOBE, presentation series.

MTTB Application Form:
Connect with Ray & Lisa:
MTTB – MOBE Our Results:
MOBE Comp Plan:
Skype Help:
Domain Help:
More About Ray & Lisa:
More About MTTB – MOBE:

Since Lisa and I got involved with My Top Tier Business and
My Online Business Empire we have gotten numerous questions
about this program, from both, people doing their due diligence about the company, and our team as well.

So in the interest of saving everyone a lot of texting, emailing, and calling I’m putting together a series of tutorials to explain as much of the program as I can.

If you don’t find the answer to what your looking for here on our YouTube channel, you can reach out to us directly or simply leave a comment on one of these videos, and I’ll create a presentation
to answer your question for everyone. Since this is the first video in the series, where better to start than Than with the money! The 1st two videos will cover the compensation differences between MTTB and MOBE.

My Top Tier Business, or MTTB and My Online Business Empire or MOBE as we call it, are part of the same company, yet serve two different purposes and have very different compensation plans. This presentation will start with MTTB.

My Top Tier Business is our 21 step program. This program is only $49, comes with a back office, products, complete sales funnels including websites, auto responders, email swipes, and my three personal favorites:

#1: Your very own personal coach.
#2: Your very own personal sales staff. You will never have to get on the phone with one of your prospects. Our professional sales team gets on the phone with your prospects and up-sells them into the top tier products for you!
#3: MTTB comes with 2 guarantees. #1: If you are not completely satisfied with the 21 step program, or for any reason, decide My Top Tier Business isn’t right for you MTTB WILL refund your $49, no questions asked. #2: If you have not made a sale within 30 days of completing the 21 steps, the company will pay you $500!

With this guarantee, just like you, your prospects have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in My Top Tier Business!

Now let’s get into the commissions and compensation in My Top Tier Business …

On eligible products, MTTB sub affiliates are given a 50% Commission with the exception of live events.

The first product we will cover is MTTB, this is MOBE’s premier commission generating system: Through this 21 Step program, clients discover how to get $1,000, $3,000 and $5,000 commissions deposited directly into their bank account.

Next up is IM Revolution, Traffic Masters Academy, My Email Marketing Empire product, How To Build A Funded Proposal, The O.P.T. Formula, MOBE Elite Earners Weekly Interview, Done-For-You Emails, The MOBE Inner Circle Subscription, And finally The Summit Event. Promote MOBE’s upcoming Home Business Summit.

That pretty much covers what you need to know about the commission structure as a sub affiliate with My Top Tier Business. But what about MOBE?

What if you could nearly double the percentage of your commissions?

What if you could have high ticket products to market that had a four figure commission ?

What if you could pick up an additional 5% in passive income over
and above all of this?

What if you could position yourself to be earning a 5, multiple
5, or even a 6 figure monthly income here?

What if?

With My Online Business Empire you can have all of those things and more, and that is what we will get into next.

So were going to go over MOBE in the next presentation In the link section toward the top.

You’ve come this far, so make sure to click that link and see for yourself where the real income is in this opportunity right now, and I’ll see you there.

MTTB, My Top Tier Business, MOBE, My Online Business Empire